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My Trips

Plan your trips and explore the world in a very effortless way.

My Meetups

Meetup with people around you that share same interest.


Invite your friends and your social circle to join you.


Connect with your connections like never before, in a professional classic way.

My Networks

Stay in touch with your entire network in one place.


Make groups like childhood friends, alumni, colleagues, and more.

About TravMeet

TravMeet app makes it easy for us to Discover, Reconnect and Enhance Social Relationships with people who share a common Interest; or Develop our Career using Corporate Opportunities.

TravMeet creates prospects for us to catch up with our Global Network whenever they visit our town, we travel to their area for business/holiday, or whenever our location corresponds. With TravMeet, we get the opportunity to see all the trips from our friends and connections arriving at our current City/Country/Area in advance, and to plan meet-ups with them accordingly.

So go ahead, and plan to meet your next mentor, client, business partner, co-worker, or even alumni in person; whenever you travel!

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Travel and nurture your networks

See all your contacts around you

Join a Community of interest. Unlock Opportunities

View your entire network in one place

Keep in touch with your network

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